Why is GZIP not enabled on my website?

Updated 1 year ago

Some website performance monitoring tools may warn you that GZIP is disabled. If you find that GZIP compression is not enabled on your website, it might be because Brotli compression is being used instead. Brotli is a more advanced compression algorithm that offers better compression ratios and faster loading times.

Brotli vs. GZIP in LiteSpeed Web Server (LSWS)

LiteSpeed Web Server (LSWS) 5.3 supports both Brotli and GZIP compression. It caches both types of compressed content and can convert between them as needed. However, to save disk space and improve efficiency, LSWS prioritises Brotli over GZIP.

How LSWS Handles Brotli and GZIP

When a browser requests content, LSWS checks its cache. If the requested compression type is not available, LSWS decompresses the cached version and re-compresses it to the desired format. If this conversion occurs frequently (more than 10 times), LSWS will cache the converted version for faster access in the future.

For example, if your website has Brotli compression enabled, LSWS will serve Brotli compressed content to browsers that support it (like Chrome). If a browser that only supports GZIP (like Firefox) requests content, LSWS will decompress the Brotli version, re-compress it as GZIP, and serve it to the browser.


If GZIP is not enabled on your website, it is likely that Brotli compression is being used instead. Brotli offers better performance and is prioritised by LiteSpeed Web Server. Rest assured that your website's performance is still optimised for users with different browser preferences.

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